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Legal Translations

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When it comes to translating contracts, patents, and legal documents in general, the precision of terms and concepts is absolutely critical. The subject matter is delicate and large sums of money are often at play. Therefore, it is important that the text is entrusted to a person of proven competence.

The language of legal translations requires the experience of highly qualified translators: we know the importance of precision in the translation of legal documents and we rely on a large number of translators specialized in legal matters. This is our guarantee of the quality of our services, such that legal firms may rest assured that their message is being correctly conveyed. Our experts specialize in the translation of, amongst other things:

On request, translations can be sighted and certified by the courts, and certified by apostille under the 1961 Hague Convention. On request we also issue nondisclosure agreements for each individual project, although we treat all information that comes to us with the strictest confidentiality.

We are at your disposal to prepare a free quote for the translation of your document.