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Gianni Davico, CEO

Gianni Davico

Graduate in Arts, 49 years of age. Davico founded Tesi & testi in 1995 and has been at its helm ever since. In 2005 he published L'industria della traduzione ("The Translation Industry"), a landmark book on the translation market in Italy. He has published numerous articles and has been a guest speaker in Italy and abroad at conferences and seminars on the world of translation.

His articles about the translation industry:

His blogs:
- Ciapatravers (the diary of a fifty year old boy)
- Brainfood (professional)
- Campo pratica (golf)
- GoPiedmont (Piedmontese)
- Twitter (in a word)

Valter Sandri, Marketing Manager

Valter Sandri

A high school diploma, a degree in physics yet to be achieved, fiftytwo years of age, partner since 2007. He looks after new accounts (always in a very light manner, because we love things done well, quietly and at the right time).